Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Every Christmas, I put out on display
three or four 'snowstorms', but this is one
I don't have.  I'd like to have it though, so
if you've got one lying around, send it to
me at once.  "You will obey!"


John Pitt said...

Without checking, I would bet that this came out in '65, which was THE year for Daleks merch!
If I hear of one going, I'll let you know, but, be prepared to dig VERY deep in those pockets of yours!
( Any better yet? Been to the docs? )

Kid said...

Getting better slowly but surely, JP, thanks for asking. Incidentally, the box is dated 1965, so that'll be a clue. I like the snowstorm, but I wouldn't pay silly money for one unless I won the Lottery.

John Pitt said...

You know MY eyesight!
I struggled to read "DALEKS"!
Any more annual strips coming this way?

Anonymous said...

I've just been watching your pal Moonmando singing "Will The Circle Be Unbroken". Very nice !

Kid said...

Perhaps, JP, perhaps.


I taught him everything he knows, CJ. Especially in the subject of telling lies.

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