Sunday, 2 April 2017


The above photo captures the view from the top of the hill
where I live, as it was on August 2nd 1988.  It was essentially
unchanged from when we'd first moved into the house on June
14th 1972.  However, when I took the photo, we'd been back in
the house for a year and a day, having moved away five
years earlier and then returned four years later.

The photo below was taken today, and is the view as it is
now.  Not quite so expansive, is it?  Funny how everything
seemed much cleaner, brighter and more colourful back then,
whereas today, things seem darker, duller and more bleak - or
is it just me?  The skies are shrinking, the horizons are nar-
rowing, and the colours are fading far too quickly.

Anyway, glad to have cheered you all up.


Anonymous said...

Don't despair - Brexit will make everything better again, hurrah !

Kid said...

Well, it's a bit of a stretch (even for you) to use such a post to make a cheap political point, CJ. Not got a pertinent observation to make? C'mon, you can do it if you try.

baab said...

I will make an observation.
Where are all the contrails/chemtrails from the aeroplanes in the sky?
Blue sky and fluffy white clouds,lovely.

Kid said...

Me like blue sky and fluffy white clouds too, Baab.

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