Saturday, 8 April 2017


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Okay, I might be over-egging the pudding here, but once
I'm on a roll I just can't stop myself.  (Roll & egg pudding any-
one?)  This is the 3rd X-MEN cover I've now shown that differs
from the published version.  Above is as JACK KIRBY drew it,
below is as it saw print after STAN LEE had sanctioned a couple
of changes.  Personally, I'm not convinced that the redrawn hand
is an improvement as, though it's more realistic, the fingers are
smaller than on the other one, making them mismatched.  The
altered mouth makes KA-ZAR look less chinless, but I could
have lived with the original (which is the one I first saw
on U.K. comic FANTASTIC #18 back in 1967).

Got a preference?  Reveal all in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

The original was fine - there was no need for Stan Lee to change it !

Kid said...

You must be looking at it on thumbnail size again, CJ. The original hand's fingers are far too flat, but something could have been done to fix it without completely redrawing it. And Ka-Zar does look a bit chinless in the original version, but that too could have been fixed in a more subtle way.

John Pitt said...

Now then, I prefer the open right hand of the original, but the chin of the published version!
Can you fix it for me please?

Kid said...

Well, I could, but am I going to? Nah! Maybe one day. Stan had already rejected a previous cover by Jack for this issue, so this was his second attempt.

Anonymous said...

Why was Stan worrying about such minor things anyway ? Would the kids who bought comics really notice ?

Kid said...

It was Stan's job to notice these things. And he obviously didn't believe in palming any ol' thing off onto kids just because they were kids. If he had, Marvel Comics would likely have remained Atlas Comics and probably faded into oblivion decades ago. Thank goodness for Stan's standards is what I say. Who's with me?

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