Friday, 28 April 2017


The elusive BOB PAYNTER.  They seek him here, they
seek him there...(you know the rest)

Legendary cartoonist TERRY BAVE is looking to
get in touch with his former editor and old friend BOB
PAYNTER.  Bob, if you get to read this (or hear about it),
would you contact me via the comments section and we'll
work out a way for you and Terry to make contact.  He'd
dearly like to catch up with you and reminisce about
the good old days.  Go on, make his day.


If anybody has Bob's contact details, if you
let me know, I'll pass them onto Terry & Shiela.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

GINGER with a sketch of his mum & dad


John Pitt said...

That's a coincidence, there's a Ginger Pitt as well as a Ginger Bave! Poor old lad has got an overactive thyroid, don't get me starting on vet's bills!

Kid said...

Did you ever read Whizzer & Chips, JP, or were you too old for it? Terry & Shiela's strip 'Ginger's Tum' was in it.

John Pitt said...

I used to get it regularly for my younger brother and, of course, read every word myself too! ( too old? - I'm not even too old NOW! )
Incidentally, our Ginger's tum wobbles from side to side when he runs! I take him for short walks around the estate and he shows off!

Kid said...

That sounds a bit like MY tum when I'm out for a walk. Must cut something out of my diet. I know - I'll put less sauce on my chips.

Anonymous said...

Bob Paynter is my Grandad! I will let him know about this post.

Kid said...

That would be great, thanks.

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