Sunday, 30 April 2017



Having formerly worked in comics for 15 years,
and having read them for over 50, I've often found
myself amazed by the gaffs some alleged editors made
(or failed to notice) when it came to putting a comic to-
gether.  Here are just 6 I've seen in comics (and blogs)
over the years.  Can you think of any others?  Then
leave a comment in the you-know-where.

Correct ones on the left, wrong ones on the right.

Sought-after.  (Not sort-after.)

Could have.  (Not could of.)

Whet your appetite.  (Not wet.)

Heyday.  (Not hayday.)

Prerogative.  (Not perogative.)

Prodigy.  (Not progidy.)

If ignorance is bliss, then there must be a hell
    of a lot of ecstatically happy people around.   


Colin Jones said...

Nuclear not nucular.

Kid said...

Yeah, but I'm talking written, not spoken, CJ. Or have you really seen it written as nucular? If so, that's astoundingly bad.

TC said...

Using "I" as an object in a sentence.

Conflating similar-sounding words: flaunt and flout, compose and comprise, proscribe and prescribe, uninterested and disinterested, nauseous and nauseated.

Judges and referees should be disinterested, that is, impartial. They should not be uninterested in the proceedings.

Jezebel flouted tradition by flaunting her red dress.

The USA comprises 50 states, and the UK comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The 50 states compose the US. England, Scotland, and Wales compose Great Britain, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland compose the UK.

"Most unique," "very unique," "one of the most unique..." If it's unique, it's one of a kind, and there are no degrees of uniqueness.

Using "penultimate" to mean ultimate. It is not only incorrect, it's pretentious.

Kid said...

I might be guilty of that first one myself, TC. Sometimes 'me' just doesn't 'sound' right. Some great choices there.

Colin Jones said...

Yes, I did see nuclear written as nucular - not that long ago but I probably saw it online rather than in a newspaper or magazine.

B Smith said...

Renown as an adjective.

Reign and rein being interchangeable...similarly bear and bare.

Kid said...

Hey, you'll never believe it, CJ. Google the word 'nucular'.


Yup, BS, seen that too. Annoying, ain't it.

John Pitt said...

Pharoah instead of Fairoh!

Kid said...

What, you mean it isn't 'fare-o'? Drat!

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