Thursday, 13 April 2017


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Despite my occasional critiques about 'deficiencies' in
JACK KIRBY's art, I'm a huge fan and think that, when
he was at the top of his game, he was untouchable.  (Espe-
cially when inked by someone like WALLY WOOD.)  So
I always get a thrill when I see his early MARVEL work
gracing the cover of a contemporary comicbook.

Such a one is X-MEN BLUE #1, the first issue of a
new series about the original X-Men, time-plucked from
the past into the present day.  It was okay, but I just love
the above variant cover, even though Jack's drawn The
BEAST with gloves, something he never wore.

If you think this mag might be your cup of tea, it's
now on sale at your local FORBIDDEN PLANET (and
all good comics shops).  So race right 'round there at the
earliest opporchancity and grab yourself a copy before
they're all gone.  First come, first served.


John Pitt said...

I love the cover too and will no doubt match it up sometime with the original!
Are they doing the same thing with X-Men Gold, do you know?

Kid said...

Dunno for sure, JP, but I'd imagine it's likely. Incidentally, the cover from this ish is the splash page from X-Men #2, wherein they fight 'The Vanisher'.

John Pitt said...

Ah, thanks for that! I recognised it from somewhere, but couldn't find it! I was looking at the Fantastic covers, having drawn a blank with the first few X-Men covers!

Kid said...

I only remembered where it was from because of The Beast's gloves, JP.

paul Mcscotty said...

Thats an excellent cover - X-Men Gold has had a few issues and was on BBBC new late last night the interior artist Ardian Syaf, has been sacked for hiding religious references in his art - in addition one of the covers (A "hip hop" cover) has to be seen to be believed its really poor (either that or I just dont understnad what Hip Hop means in realtion to comic art).

Story on the art

Hip Hop cover

Kid said...

I read about that, PM - what a tit that guy is, eh? Apart from offending people, he ruined his career at Marvel and really marked himself out as a loser. I'll read your links anyway to remind myself of the full story.

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