Saturday, 20 February 2016


Is this guy seriously deluded or what?  Giving me a dose of
my own medicine?  What a loser!  It gives me immense satisfac-
tion to know that, without even trying, I can get under the skin of
some frustrated inadequate to such an extent that he feels compelled
to vent his frustration in such an impotent way.  He's obsessed with me
to such a degree that he's glued to my blog every day, according every
post a level of attention that surely marks him out as someone with too
much time on his hands.  Obviously doesn't have a girlfriend or wife
(unless she's inflatable) because he's clearly got no balls - as testified
to by the fact that he hides his real identity behind mine.  Or per-
haps he wants to be me, hence him using my name and face
in the performance of his 'tribute act'?

So let's look at the 'truth', shall we?  I don't impersonate
people, I don't set up fake accounts with the intention of malic-
iously maligning anyone, I don't spread lies about folk, and I'm not
and never have been a 'troll'.  Yet this sad d*ck does all of that and
believes he's got the moral highground?  If anyone's laughing, it's me -
my very existence is the bane of his life and he's so tormented he feels
compelled to express his rage, even if it's only in this childish, pathetic
and laughable way.  (He's clearly of low intellect.)  I've become the
focus of his life and he's on a mission to make people hate me.  As
if anyone gives a sh*t!  I never knew I was so important.  Hey,
I've got my very own 'mini-me', an obsessed stalker -

"Made it, Ma!  Top of the world!"

 Feel free to join me in laughing at the sad bell-end.


Just seen his latest tweets - says I 'angrily' say I'm not a
'troll'.  I'm not dealing with 'Brain of Britain' here, am I?  I
laughingly said I'm not a troll - 'cos  I'm not the one im-
personating somebody and telling lies about them, am I?
What a tit!  Thanks for all the extra hits, dobber!


His latest tweet is extremely revealing.  Says he's
never used his real name online or the same alias twice.  If
it's a lie, he's a liar, and if it's the truth, he's admitted to being
a 'troll'!  Wotta dobber!  Sounds like someone desperately
trying to cover his tracks.  The boy's a joke. 


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Wow, he's still at it??

Thought he'd be bored by now!

Unknown said...

I thought Twitter closed this account? weird stuff indeed but I'm still more stunned that talking about comics makes some folk so angry - talk about getting your priorities screwed up do people like this have nothing else in their lives other than comics. I can only imagine that this brings you more folk to read your blog so look on it a free advertising.

Kid said...

Yeah, THB, but only because some nosy buggah couldn't keep his hooter out of it and wanted to know what it's all about.


Twitter told me that the account didn't seem to be active (that was when there was only 27 tweets on it), McS, and that it may have been suspended. I sometimes wonder if there's anyone actually dealing with this sort of thing, or it's just all automated responses that are sent out. If this loser thinks I'm a 'troll', the irony lost on him is that he's become exactly what he accuses me of being. Of course, his claim is as vapid as his brain.

Crispynev said...

Ha! He's still letting you rent space in his head for free.

Kid said...

Yeah, he doesn't seem to see how ridiculous he is, Chris. Losers like him deserve to be irritated, so if I'm the source of his torment, then well done me.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I just saw THB's comment, he'll never quit, it's the way stalkers' minds work.

Kid said...

I've just received an anonymous comment telling me who it is, DSE, which confirms my suspicions, but I'll keep the name to myself for now.

Dave S said...

People who are genuinely happy and content with their lives don't tend to spend their time and effort fixating on and criticising others, especially anonymously. Don't let 'em get to you, Kid!

Kid said...

And here I thought it was only famous people who got this kind of attention, DD. Maybe he'll lose interest in me when he discovers women.

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