Wednesday, 10 February 2016


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Okay, it's hardly news, but I only found out last week.
SWAMP THING co-creator LEN WEIN has returned to
his muck-encrusted monster in what will be a six-issue series,
the first two of which are currently available in all good comic-
book shops.  I returned from Glasgow earlier tonight, lovingly
caressing my very own copies.  I've now read the first ish,
and it all seems extremely promising indeed.

If you're old enough to have been a fan of ol' Swampy
back in the '70s, this is one you're sure to enjoy now that Len
Wein is once again handling the writing duties.  So buy them
now while you can - you wouldn't want to miss out.


Philip Crawley said...

Thanks for the heads up Kid, must check this one out. There are three big comic shops in Melbourne, guess Minotaur (the biggest) would be our FP equivalent. Read this one back in the 70s, initially attracted to it by the Bernie Wrightson art and stayed for that and the writing. Still have a few issues from back in the day, bagged and boarded in my comics time capsule (archive boxes). Interesting art, bit of a splice of Wrightson and Corben. Does the cover artist also do the interiors?

Kid said...

I've got a full set of the first series, plus various reprints of the first 10 issues, PC - I think they're great stories. Yeah, Kelley Jones is the illustrator - I see a hint of Berni Wrightson and Tom Yeates in the art, but that's not a bad thing, deliberate or not.

cerebus660 said...

Kelley Jones is a perfect choice to illustrate ol' Swampy. I loved the work he did on Gaiman's Sandman back in the day - suitably Gothic.

Kid said...

Never read that, Cer, so his art is new to me. Certainly suits Swampy 'though.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I agree this will probably be my only DC regular comic now (the rest are for me err lets say not great). I picked it up by habit as I like Kelley Jones art and Swamp Thing but I never looked to see who wrote it however after reading the first 2 pages I realised it was "Len Wein" great writing and easy to read. It looksa like ebeing another great era for the character from what has been a pretty great title from day one onward.

Kid said...

I think it lost it's way for a while after Alan Moore (and I wasn't entirely happy with him making Swampy more of an 'echo' of Alec Holland than the man himself), but with Wein back at the helm, I'm hoping for a return to the Swamp Thing that I remember and prefer. Certainly enjoyed these first two issues, McS.

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