Thursday, 4 February 2016


Back on May 1st last year, I promised you more of KEN
REID's classic strip from SMASH!, namely QUEEN Of The
SEAS.  I want to show them in sequential order, but that presents
a slight problem.  Y'see, I've shown the first part, which means that
the next one due is the second.  However, that was included in my
recent post about Smash! #2, so what's a fella to do?  You'll just
have to bear with me as I repeat myself, I'm afraid.  After all,
Ken Reid's artwork is always worth another look.


Mark Carter said...

The guy was a genius. 'Nuff said.

Philip Crawley said...

Agreed. To paraphrase a local pair of sporting satirists from this country, "too much Ken Reid is never enough". I look forward to more QOTS, as I've not seen many of these online, well they have been posted here and there but the scans put up seldom capture the wealth of detail in his art that yours have retained (Bloody amateurs). He was really a one-of, as I may have commented before; there don't seem to have been many cartoonists willing to put in the effort to copy his style, unlike a lot of other art that has been 'inspired' by particular cartoonists over the years. Thanks for posting

Kid said...

He certainly was, MC. I can't think of anyone who's stepped into his shoes in today's comics.


Nae bother, PC. Always nice to know that others appreciate his unique style. He was a one-off, definitely.

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