Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Another great British cartoonist of yesteryear was REG PARLETT,
whose humorous style graced the pages of many a U.K. comic.  This strip is
from the cover-dated September 26th 1972 issue of SCORCHER & SCORE.
I wasn't buying the comic at this time (although I'd bought early issues before
the two titles merged into one), so this strip was new to me when I first saw it
in a book I got a year or so back.  Reg was a cartoonist who managed to draw
'funny' - even when there was nothing particularly funny to draw.  Just look-
ing at panels in which nothing much is happening makes me chortle.
Know what?  That's a gift, and Reg Parlett had it in spades.


Unknown said...

Reg Parlett was such a good cartoonist and as you say he was so funny. He did so many strips (all high quality) over the years from Rent a Ghost , to Bill Bunter to my favourite the brilliant “Mowser” and the (imho) underrated “The Crows” strips - he even did some really cool caricature type strips (Freddy Parrot Face Davis etc) a truly versatile cartoonist. I remember when reading some of his strips as a kid that he drew really sexy women (the receptionist in Rent a Ghost” for example) when most UK cartoonists didn’t do that. I really like his work on Harry Hammertoe but I musch preferred Ken Reid’s version.

Kid said...

Ken's version will be appearing before long, McS, but I'm undecided about which one I prefer. I loved Reg's Harry's Haunted House from W&C - in fact, I think I loved just about everything he did. The amazing thing is that his standard of art never seemed to decline as he got older.

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