Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Or FOLDEE (singular) to be precise, as I can find only
one - but what a one it is.  'Twas Scots comicbook writer GRANT
MORRISON who gave it to me at a comic mart in Glasgow a goodly
number of years back.  I'd just purchased the first two DENNIS The
MENACE books, and Grant had just bought several Foldees when we
ran into one another.  We chatted away for a bit, and as he checked out
his new acquisitions he noticed he had a 'doubler'.  "Do you want it?"
he asked, obviously trying to ingratiate himself with me as I'm ultra-
famous and everybody wants to be my pal.  (Hey, I'm writing
this post so I'll tell it my way, reality be damned!)

"Sure, thanks very much!" I replied, and that's how the
above Foldee came into my possession.  As for Grant, I don't
know what happened to him - he's likely living in abject poverty
and wondering why he never made it as big as me.  However, some
of us are born to greatness and some of us aren't, so he shouldn't feel
bitter about his relative obscurity in comparison to myself.  Oh, here
comes the nurse with a little cocktail of funny-coloured pills for me to
take so I'd better wrap things up now and climb into my long-sleeved
pyjamas.  I wish they'd find me an ordinary pair, because I can't
scratch my @rse when it gets itchy through the night.  What
we comic- book superstars have to put up with, eh?

Anyway, enjoy looking at the Foldee and remembering your
childhood.  Any reminiscences you'd care to share will be most
welcome in the comments section, so get typing, Criv-ites.


TC said...

I never had any, but I remember a classmate in elementary school showing me one of his. It was in 1966 or '67, so of course it had Batman in it.

Kid said...

I had quite a few at the time (as you say, '66 or '67), TC, although I threw away the disgusting confectionery that accompanied the Foldees. A full set would cost a pretty penny today, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

“Foldees” are genuinely one of the most enduring memories of my 1960s childhood I can recall with almost total clarity buying these from the local ice cream van (along with my Zoom ice lolly) . For some reason I just loved these things and thought they were so cool - sadly I binned them all long ago. As to what happened to Mr Morrison didn't he disappear up his own bahookie!

Kid said...

If he did, I'm sure it's only because he was trying out a new magic trick, McS. (He's a shy, introverted lad at heart.) Yeah, I was fascinated with Foldees - loved the Supergirl one 'cos I fancied her. (Don't tell Susan Storm.) And ZOOM - they were still available up to a few years ago, but I don't know if they're around today.

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