Sunday, 7 February 2016


Our old house is the 2nd one from the left

Here's a post about nothing in order to give me something
to write about.  When, in 1972, my family moved from our old
house to the one in which I currently reside, a friend of my mother's
(from our former neighbourhood) became friends with the woman with
whom we'd swapped dwellings.  So not only did my mother's chum visit
our new home, she also continued to visit our old one to see her new
friend.  It occurs to me that the fact she may well have gone from
one house to the other in the same day continued a strange
sort of connection between the two abodes.

What's more, our new next-door neighbour would often
visit her old neighbour in our former house, again continuing
a connection between both houses and neighbourhoods.  Not that
I was aware of that thought at the time - it only really occurred to me
relatively recently, and I find it strangely fascinating that my mother's
friend would go from one house to the other with carefree abandon,
never realizing that she provided a link between our old and new
residences.  Is there anyone else who finds that thought as
oddly and compulsively compelling as I do?

Nah, didn't think so, but at least it killed some time.

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