Tuesday, 25 April 2017


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I well remember the day I purchased this mag (along
with various others) from a local newsagent's, and sitting on
a bench in the Old Village quarter of my town to read it.  If it
wasn't on a Saturday I bought it, it would've been on a week-day
during the school summer holidays, and I find myself annoyed at
now no longer being able to recall with my customary precision.
Once, I could also have told you what comics I got along with it,
but, alas, no longer.  I have a notion that an issue of MISTER
MIRACLE might have been among the pile, but I could be
mixing two different days together, as I often sat in the
same spot to peruse my comics when I got them.

It goes without saying, of course, that I immediately fell
in love with The THORN.  Might have been her outfit, but
she fully captured my adolescent adoration and was instantly
added to the lengthening list of my favourite 'comicbook cuties'.
The newsagent's where I bought this four-colour treasure exists
only in memory these days (like so many hallowed haunts of my
youth), but in my mind, I'm still able to revisit its cool interiors
and relive happy moments from the past.  If there's an after-
life, perhaps all our cherished places will be there waiting
for us, like old friends we haven't seen in an age.

Does this mag hold any memories for you, dear reader,
and does it take you back to a moment in time you'd love
to live again?  If so, share your pleasant reminiscences with
your Criv-ite chums in our comments section.  A memory
shared is a memory spared from oblivion, so get your
typing fingers tapping now.  We await your input.


Anonymous said...

Only recent memories for me when I purchased it a couple of years ago! Nice art. As a matter of interest Kid do you have an example of the original Thorn from 1947? To me Thorn and Firehair look like sisters!


Kid said...

I'm sure I've got a reprint of one of the strips from the '40s in a comic somewhere, T, but I have no idea which one it is. That's something for me to keep an eye out for and add to this post when I find it. Dunno when that'll be 'though.

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