Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I was passing my former house in an old neighbourhood
 yesterday and, acting on impulse, decided to 'catch a swatch'
at the back garden.  I was saddened to see that the clothes poles
and lawn were gone, and that the garden had been re-slabbed to
cover the whole area.  It was a bit of a shock as the last time
I'd seen it, it was pretty much as it had been in my day.

I'm glad I'd managed to get photographs of the garden
back in 1988 and again in 1991, and preserved it as it used to
be in the halcyon days of my childhood.  For 20-odd years after
we'd flitted, the house and gardens (front and back) had remain-
ed mostly as I recalled them, but since then several significant
changes have been made, and things as I'd known them are
now a mere echo in the hallowed halls of history.

If I were ever to win the Lottery, I'd buy every house in
which I've ever lived and restore them as much as possible
to their former glory.  In a completely self-indulgent wallow in
nostalgia, I thought I'd take another walk around my old garden
and permit you to accompany me.  It wasn't much, but it was
mine - and shall forever remain so in the mystic bands of
memory.  Now, follow me - the past is this way.


Colin Jones said...

I know what you mean, Kid - my grandmother lived about a mile away from us and when she died in 1989 her house passed to her son who died in 1990 leaving it to his cousin next door - she then knocked the two houses into one and my gran's lovely rambling back garden was utterly changed beyond recognition. But I still remember the garden as it was when I was a kid when there was holly and mint growing there :)

Kid said...

Shame you couldn't have got a few photos of it 'though, eh, CJ?

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