Friday, 1 February 2013


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Yes, FOOM fans, it's time once again for yet more covers and random images from the early issues of FOOM magazine from back in the mid-'70s.  This time 'round it's #s 5-7, so prepare your peepers for a pulsating presentation of powerful pictures which will pummel your palpitating perceptions into the pavement.  (And that's a good thing - trust me!)

If you were foolish enough to miss Part One, you can see it by clicking here.  And you can see the original FOOM kit by clicking here.  Go on - what have you got to lose? 

And don't forget - you can enlarge any image by clicking on it, then clicking again for optimum size.

(Now where are all those clicking sounds coming from?) 


Anonymous said...

I applied for FOOM membership when it was advertised in Marvel UK in the early 70s (think it was only 50p) and waiting in anticipation for ages, then one day I got a letter with a slip in in (and my 50p PO)saying it was sold out - I was so disappointed. I managed to pick up a couple of FOOM mags in Glasgow about 10 years ago and to be honest want impressed but 12 year old me in 1973 would have loved it - have to say go a couple of the e "World of DC comics" fanzines as well and thought they were really good - enjoying the UK Marvel stuff keep it up please - McScotty

Kid said...

If I remember correctly, McScotty, I received the same slip - but they kept my money and sent me issue #3 instead. Never had an issue of World of DC comics - they looked really good, too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comparing your two postings - the FOOM covers designed by Steranko are really well-considered pieces, the next lot look like they were handed over to the office intern to knock out as quickly as possible.


Kid said...

The first four looked like actual 'magazine' covers - the next lot looked more like comicbook covers. Horses for courses I suppose.