Saturday, 26 January 2013

THE 1973 FOOM KIT...

In just over a fortnight, it will be (gasp) forty years since MIGHTY
MARVEL unleashed their brand-new frantic fan club upon the waiting
world. Those who became a Friend Of Ol' Marvel back in February
1973 received various goodies along with the first ever issue of FOOM
magazine. There was a giant-sized poster by JIM STERANKO, a half
dozen or so FOOM labels, and a gold-backed membership card, which
all came in a specially designed envelope featuring the HULK.

For those who weren't lucky enough to be around at the time, or
who weren't smart enough to hold onto their own classic collectable
kit, here's a pictorial presentation of what was included. You can
see the cover of the first magazine by clicking here



Comicsfan said...

...or who weren't smart enough to hold onto their own classic collectable kit...

Why are you looking in my direction when you say that? Don't twist the knife! :)

Kid said...

I'm looking in my direction as well - because I wasn't smart enough either.

However, I was smart enough to obtain a replacement a number of years later.

cerebus660 said...

When I signed up for FOOM, Marvel UK seemed to be having problems importing the goodies. The first issue I received was #2, with that awesome Steranko cover, but without the Hulk envelope which was apparently out of stock. I didn't receive another issue until #6, after which they had it sorted and posted me the rest of the run at very erratic intervals.

My FOOM stickers, of course, were all stuck on to things that are long gone, my membership card somehow got mangled... but... I've still got the poster! It adorned my bedroom wall for nearly 20 years and the fact that I looked at it virtually every day for two decades probably explains my lifelong Steranko obsession :-)

Kid said...

Funny thing about that poster is that I consider it very far from Steranko's best work. His Hulk figure is far too small for a start and also seems a tad skinny. The envelope illo is very poor, and makes ol' Hulkie's face look like an inflatable sex doll. I'm surprised that Stan didn't request revisions. Still, what do I know?

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