Thursday, 24 January 2013


Here's ODIN's lad, THOR The MIGHTY, out in the frozen
wastes of JOTUNHEIM, looking for a Frost Giant or two to have
a snowball fight with.  Nah!  Actually, it's Thor who's been hanging
on my wall for a few years (hence the string around his waste which
loops up through his cape), whom I took down earlier today to wipe
the dust from.  As there was still snow on the ground, I thought I'd
snap a photo of the ol' Thunder-god in my back garden before
restoring him to his accustomed place on the wall.

Doesn't he look mighty?  That's why I decided to share him
  with you here.  Hope he doesn't catch cold without his scarf. 


DeadSpiderEye said...

Indeed Thor doest seemeth mighty, verily he hath the thighs of an horn-ed elephant buteth he better watcheth out, in case he a catcheth nasty chill in that cuttaway oufit.

Kid said...

I've just noticed that his thighs are wider than his waist - not possible, surely?

Worry ye not - Thor hath had his Ready-Brek.

baab said...

I was visiting my brother tonight and one of his children must have been given a mock Mjolnir for christmas.

It was the basic shape ,small but,big enough for a kid,with a button to activate a blue light on the shaft.
This lit up a flash of lightning shaped cutaway plastic .
They were not going for authenticity.

It was great.
I loved Jack Kirby Thor.
I picked it up and threw myself into a kneeling position and struck the floor while looking off into the distance....Regally.

I looked around for a cane,to switch the hammer with, but none was available.
So I tried my best to describe the scene to my brother and his wife,but I could not do it justice with words.

I am going to ask them to keep it for me when the batteries go and it becomes abandoned.
Or I might do a swap!

Since I came home I have been adding real leather binding and a wrist loop to the thing, in my head.

I will need to stop frequenting your blog.

Kid said...

Baab, if you didn't visit here, you'd just spend more time playing with your nephews' toys. Then they'd be mighty Thor - er, I mean sore.

(Originally posted on 25 January 2013 at 03:36.)

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