Saturday, 9 February 2013


August 1961 - that's when the November dated first issue of
THE FANTASTIC FOUR went on sale - and changed the face of
comics publishing forever.  Created by STAN LEE & JACK KIRBY,
the cosmic quartet set the pattern for superheroes with problems, who
fought amongst themselves, who got married, had kids - and saved
the universe when they weren't doing all those other things (and
even sometimes while they were doing them).

"The World's Greatest Comic Magazine!" is now 52 years old
and still going strong - and will hopefully be around for another 52
years at  least.  (And maybe one day they'll get the movie adaptations
just right.)  Anyway, I thought all you 'Criv-ites' might enjoy seeing
the covers for the first ten issues - when history was being made
without anyone realising it at the time.

And if you enjoy seeing these ten cataclysmic covers, be sure
to let me know in the comments section - then I might show you
the next ten in the series.


baab said...

what can i say?

Kid said...

How about: "Kid, yours is the best blog in the world!"?

-3- said...

Five years later, how times have changed for the FF.
Given the horror stories produced by Marvel (and DC) in recent times, it's hard not to feel like they left rather than have been banished.

Kid said...

I think it was a 'political' decision to cancel the comic rather than lack of sales, 3. Marvel wanted the rights to the movies, so therefore didn't want to publicise movies by anyone else. (I still haven't seen the 3rd one - heard it was awful.) I'd have thought the comic would've benefitted from the movies rather than the other way around, but regardless of the motive, it's a shame there's currently no Fantastic Four comic on sale. I liked the Byrne series, though it went off the boil towards the end.

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