Wednesday, 27 February 2013


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Let's now return to the early days of 1973 and the glory that was The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL in all its multi-faceted magnificence.  Just think - The INCREDIBLE HULK, The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and The FANTASTIC FOUR, to say nothing of pin-upspuzzle pages and piles of powerhouse punch-ups, every week for a mere and measly 5 pence.  Wow!  We never had it so good!
It wouldn't (it couldn't) last, of course. As the weeks wore on, the colour pages dwindled in number, and before its first year was over, MWOM was quite dull looking in comparison to how it had started out.  But that yet lies ahead of us; for the moment, let us savour the dynamic delights of Mighty Marvel Magic at its finest while we recall with nostalgic affection the best years of our lives so very long ago!



baab said...

all of those FOOM ads got me thinking,"Why did I not purchase membership?"

I used to get fifteen pence for my pocket money on a saturday.
I would purchase two comics and a packet of POLO mints.

I could not afford it.
I did get more money while on holiday,which every year was a caravan in Kinghorn,near Burntisland.
The caravan site had a shop and they regularly stocked the treasury editions,which were 50p,So I must have had more pocket money on holiday in order to buy those.

Kid said...

It's not too late, Baab - now you can track them down on ebay and catch up on what you missed out on.

They will, of course, cost you quite a bit more than 50p 'though. Still, it's only money that your kids will waste when you're dead if you don't spend it first.

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