Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

And now, yet another phantasmagorical pictorial presentation of the early days of The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL from 1972/'73, when it seemed all of Britain was receptive to the 40 page power-packed periodical which hit the shelves week after week.

Nowadays, of course, Marvel U.K. no longer exists as we knew it, and a company called PANINI have a permit to produce a plethora of full-colour monthly publications for British readers.  And what a Marvel-lous job they do of it too. (Pun?  What pun?)

However, nothing can truly match the excitement generated by the re-presentation of of those early Marvel classics back at the start of the '70s - when, if you were a certain age, the world was yet young and way-out wonderment still aborning.

Remember to come back for Part Six.

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