Thursday, 14 February 2013


 I guess there's no point in deluding myself. I know that nobody drops
in to this blog because they're interested in anything that I may have to
say. It's all about the images; they want to see the pretty pictures from
various comics and their creators, past and present, and remember
their childhood and teenage years in the same way that I do.
So, there's really no need for me to wafflle on, because you've
probably already scrolled down past this piffle to the pages below,
culled from HULK COMIC #2 in 1979, produced by the legendary
DEZ SKINN (Britain's answer to STAN LEE) when he was the
head honcho at MARVEL U.K. all those many years ago.
Well, I'm off to sulk in a corner - I'm sure you'll find the
following array of awesome images interesting to inspect.




John Pitt said...

Did Marvel USA ever reprint the UK hulk strips in colour in any of their comics?

Kid said...

It's possible, but to be honest, I just don't know. Having said that, however, I don't think so, because Nick Caputo and Barry Pearl (American collectors and bloggers) haven't seen them before.

Gey Blabby said...

There was a period of a few years back then ANA (after Neal Adams) and BFM (before Frank Miller) when I lost touch with comics completely, which helps to explain why I have absolutely no memory of this comic. Mind you, it also appeared at the same time in my life when the triple threat of girls, booze and music were exerting their influence, so that might help to explain my lack of awareness.

Kid said...

Well, booze usually goes a long way to explaining 'lack of awareness', but if you can remember the girls then it's unlikely to have been a direct cause in this case.

KlownKrusty said...

John Pitt said: "Did Marvel USA ever reprint the UK hulk strips in colour in any of their comics?"

Yes, they certainly reprinted some of them in colour in the pages of US 70s reprint mag, Marvel Super Action. I'm not sure if they got through the complete run there.

See this issue for an example of the reprint (as back-up to a fine reprint of the Avengers):

Kid said...

Thanks for the info. I've got the first issue and at least one other of this series, but as luck would have it, none of them contain British Hulk reprints.

Unknown said...

I think i have this issue as well or maybe is 3 not sure but I loved the Night Raven story was that an only for UK story too?

Kid said...

I've just posted #3, so you can take a look and compare to see which one you've got. Night Raven was produced for the U.K. market, but it may well have turned up later in the back of some U.S. reprint mag as a space-filler. Not quite sure 'though.

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