Friday, 15 February 2013


Don't worry. Robin is there - he's just shy

Here's a bizarre thought for you.  You know how, when someone is dying, their friends gather 'round to spend a bit of time with them before they expire?  That's how I sometimes feel when I add yet another toy or comic - one I either owned or wanted to own - from my long-ago childhood to my collection.  It's like an old friend has popped in to keep me company until I drop off the twig - though hopefully it'll be about a hundred years or so before it happens.

Anyway, sometime back in the late 1970s I acquired a brand-new CORGI JUNIORS BATMOBILE from either WOOLWORTH'S or JOHN MENZIES.  I can no longer recall whether it was me or one of my friends who had an original HUSKY version of the car when we were kids (which means that, if it was me, I couldn't have had it for very long), or I had simply longingly and lovingly lingered over one in my local 'Woolies' back in the '60s.

Regardless, I coveted it, with its brightly coloured, tiny BATMAN ROBIN figures and little flame which went in and out of the exhaust at the back.  Needless to say then, I was slightly disappointed that the Corgi Juniors version was an all new casting, with only an unpainted black plastic Batman figure (no Robin) and without the fiery orangey-red exhaust flame which had so captivated me as a child.  I think when it first changed from Husky to Corgi Junior, it was the same except for the name on the base, but mine was a later, revised, cheaper to produce version.

Ah, there he is! Told you he was around

I still have the Juniors version I bought in the '70s, but today I took possession of an original Husky model of the car which I acquired on ebay.  The vehicle is intact, with original bat-labels, but has a little paint-wear in places which I can easily touch up so as to be practically invisible to the naked eye.  (Snigger!  I said 'naked'.) Another thing that elevates the Husky toy over its counterpart is that, unlike the Corgi Juniors one, it has the same moulded Batman figure on the base as the larger-scale Corgi model version with chain-cutter and working rocket-launchers.

Anyway, so pleased am I to welcome yet another 'old friend' dropping in to see me (before I take the 'long sleep'), that I thought I'd share it with you here.  And once it's been restored to its former glory, I'll post a photo of the car alongside its Corgi Juniors counterpart.

 Hands up, anyone who'd like to see that. 


Anonymous said...

great read man i know what ya mean, my grandma was a huge garage sale buff and she bought evvvverything comicbook related for us kids out bargain hunting and alot of it was old like 60s n 70s but we had no clue then! we were terrible kids tho man!, i never messed up my comicbooks or cards but you can bet every single one of the toys were called into ceasars death arena of fire(a brick fire pit we made on a cement slab in the woods with multiple layers of burnt out toy wwf wrestling rings and scorched corpses of some of the most highly collectible comicbook memorabilia ever lining the charred bottom) we would put em on skewers and pretend fight each others combatants, yes comic book fans its nearly unforgivable and i only hope you can show me pitty and compassion for what iv done in my foolish youth, there probably isnt a day that goes by when im not pokin around on ebay and get just a sick feeling in my stomach when i think about how many thousands of dollars we burnt up in he-men, gi joes, marvel, dc, thundercats, cencurians, silverhawks, ninja turtles, mask, star wars, secret wars, swampthing, bike buddies, madballs, inhumanoids, FORGIVE ME COMIC FANS I BURT THE 6MILLION DOLLAR MAN WITH THE EYE YA COULD LOOK THROUGH!

Kid said...

I've still got my Six Million Dollar Man figure, Benny. Nope, ya can't have it.

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