Wednesday, 20 February 2013


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Oh, you lucky peeps!  Here's HULK COMIC #3 from 1979 to
thrill and entertain you, and show you what you were missing if you
weren't around at the time.  (Or were around, but not buying the mag.)
To think we Brits had our very own Hulk stories, lovingly hand-crafted
on these fair shores - just for us!  (Although at least one tale did turn
up in the back of a U.S. colour Marvel reprint mag, I believe.)

Anyway, better not hold you back from the
excitement that awaits you - get stuck in!


Booksteve said...

A few years back I downloaded a compilation of all the Black Knight stories from this series and I have to say I was very impressed. Not so much with the others from what I've seen. Never liked NIGHT RAVEN, even when Alan Moore took a turn on him in DAREDEVILS.

Kid said...

John Stokes, who drew the Black Knight strips, also drew Star Trek for Valiant & TV21 back in the early '70s (there's an example floating around on my blog) - and it was absolutely superb. I bought the 5 Panini/Marvel Captain Britain volumes which also reprinted the BK tales from Hulk Comic, so I've now got the complete run.

Unknown said...

I think this is the issue I have will check at the weekend as all my old uk comics are there.
Moore did Night Raven? that explains why I have a Rorschach feeling when I see/read it.

Unknown said...

Had a check at the parents yesterday
don't have issue 3 any more but do have issues 6,47,48,54 and 55 some in better condition then others.
sat on the floor of me old room at home and read them brings back memories lol

Below is a link of the issues i have if any one is intrested in having a look.

Kid said...

You must've felt like you were a little boy again, eh? It's good being able to time-hop on occasions such as these.

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