Tuesday, 19 February 2013


You'll remember a few days ago I posted a piccie of my newly acquired HUSKY BATMOBILE from the '60s.  It wasn't a pristine example, showing signs of 'play wear' about it, but once I'd donned my magnifying visor and applied my trusty brush to it, I managed to bring it up to a more acceptable presentation standard.  So here's a photo of it, gleaming with 'newness'.

In the second photo, the Husky Batmobile is joined by the later CORGI JUNIORS version, as well as the one by MATTEL from a few years ago.  Replica Husky BATMAN & ROBIN figures are available from a couple of places on the internet, so I think I'll buy them and place them in the Mattel car.

It'll finish it off rather nicely. 

And here are some more photos of the Husky version.


Gey Blabby said...

I only ever had two toy cars as a boy, both equally memorable for me - this Batmobile and Jim Clark's green Lotus. The way the flame would shoot out the back when you pushed the Batmobile along appealed to my younger self. I wish I had got 007's Aston Martin as well, but I don't think I was really aware of Bond until I was slightly older.

The only other Batman product I owned (apart from one jigsaw and the comics, of course) was a Julie Newmar Catwoman story lifted from the TV show that I could watch in my viewfinder - something to do with a tiger, I think.

Kid said...

The Batmobile pictured is only about 2 3/4 inches long, but Corgi did a bigger version that, as well as the flame, also fired rockets and sported a chain cutter at the front. That was a magnificent car, but the smaller Husky version was likewise a stoater.

I had quite a few toy cars as a boy, but I've probably got even more now.

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