Saturday, 6 February 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

I'm generally a fan of SAL BUSCEMA's art, but this must be one
of the worst drawings of The THING I've ever seen.  How did it ever
get past editorial, by cracky?  The Thing - a midget?  If ever a drawing
needed revision, then this is the one.  Who among your fave artists
has ever had an 'art lapse'?  Tell us all about it, Criv-ite chums.


Phil said...

What gets me is Rick Jones looks like Steve Mcgarrett from the old Hawaii 5-0 tv show. He's doesn't look like a teenager. What happened?

I don't mind that Sal Buscema piece, I think because it's a funny piece so I'm not taking it seriously as I should.

Kid said...

What can I say? Book 'im, Danno!

DeadSpiderEye said...

I think he's supposed to be hunched over, as if striding ardently, which would explain the shorty look, except that it's not really working as a rendering of figure moving that way. The typical way this pose is drawn, is with the leading foot on the ground, the trailing foot in air and the back more in line with the plain of the ground. Sal was always a bit of a rebel though, I'm surprised he didn't do one of trademark views from an elevated angle. perhaps it was because they wanted a more detailed background to fit in the expressions of the crowd reacting. On the positive side, there are some nice touches, the way the two figures are out of step, is unusual and the fabric of Thing's coat works well. I don't like the colour of the road though, the yellow needs knocking back a lot.

Kid said...

Oh, I knew what was intended, DSE - I'm just saying that he didn't manage to pull it off. There's no suggestion of the figure being hunched over going by the folds in the overcoat - no shadows or anything indicating a bent torso. The position of the head is meant to suggest such, but in the absence of the body being hunched, it just looks as if his head is almost growing out of the top of his chest.

(Originally posted on 7 February 2016 at 14:39.)

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