Tuesday, 5 February 2013


February 10th, 1973. That was the day that SPIDER-MAN COMICS
WEEKLY went on sale for the very first time (and the secret of FOOM was
finally revealed to the waiting world). After featuring in the first 19 issues of
THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL, the web-spinner was awarded
his own magazine, backed up first by THE MIGHTY THOR, with
THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN joining them in issue #50.
This Sunday will be the 40th anniversary of this collectors' item
classic, so I thought I'd treat you to the first part of a selection of covers
and images from Spidey's very first pulsating periodical in the U.K. He
had previously appeared in POW! back in the '60s and then TV21 at the
start of the '70s, but this was the first British weekly comic that presented
full, uncut adventures in a publication with him as the title star.
So feast your eyes on the images that follow, and indulge yourself in
warm recollections of when you first experienced them 40 years ago.
And don't forget to click here for Part Two. (And dig those dynamic
JIM STARLIN illustrations on the back page of issue #1 and on the
front cover of issue #3. Terrific stuff, eh?)



Steve Does Comics said...

The Spider-Tracer plane! I'd totally forgotten about that. I can't recall if it actually managed to fly or not.

Kid said...

And guess what? It still sits inside the comic after all this time - as does the 'mask' from issue #1. The tracer plane was essentially the same as either Iron Man's Missile Launcher or the Astro-Dart given away in Terrific #s 2 & 3. (I can't remember which one without checking and I can't be bothered digging through my cupboard at the moment.)