Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Many of you will have read and enjoyed THE MISSING LINK
strips from the pages of the late, lamented FANTASTIC which I pub-
lished in a number of posts last year. With its sixteenth issue, the series
took a different direction and the Link, who originally was nothing more
than an INCREDIBLE HULK knock-off, became a bona-fide super-
hero called JOHNNY FUTURE!
Here then is the first episode wherein JOHN FOSTER reveals his
caped crime-fighting alter ego to the world at large for the very first
time. Want to see what happens next? Then be sure to leave your
'thumbs-up' in the captivating comments section.
(Incidentally, the symbol on Johnny's costume appears to
have been added later by someone in the ODHAMS offices. Going
by how inconsistently it's rendered from panel-to-panel and episode-
to-episode, it's highly unlikely to be the handiwork of artist LUIS
BERMEJO. In fact, it was missed out in the last panel) 



DeadSpiderEye said...

Nice artwork, I particularly like the moggie, really expressive pose.

Kid said...

He can certainly draw, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

great to see more of this classic!!!

martin baines

Kid said...

Thanks, Martin. Any more votes?