Saturday, 3 April 2021


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Back in the dim and distant days of the early '80s (which, paradoxically, sometimes seems like only yesterday), I discovered a new fanzine publication entitled Supermarionation Is Go! (S.I.G. from #4), which was devoted to the work of Gerry Anderson.  It lasted from 1981-'88 and I collected all 20 issues, though there was one (number 16, I think) that I didn't manage to obtain until a few years later.   Also, I think I had to send away for a couple of early issues, but this was not long after I started buying the mag, not after it ceased publication.

They're tucked away somewhere, otherwise I'd do a cover gallery - but that's hopefully something for the not-too-distant future; in the meantime, take a look at the new 21st issue, published by Fanderson as if it had appeared back in 1989, even down to the date and price on the cover.  (It actually costs £7.)  It's a nice idea to do a retro 21st ish of the mag considering the original was about Anderson TV shows (and related topics) set in the 21st century, and it's a pleasing mix of all-new contents, with some features seeming as if they were written in the late '80s.

Got the first 20 issues published back in the day?  Then you really need to complete the set by buying this new 'old' issue.  Look for the Fanderson link in the blog's sidebar.

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