Tuesday, 2 March 2021



I believe it was in Largs in 1969 that I bought my first issue of X-Men #49, making it around 52 years between then and my replacement copy popping through my letterbox this morning.  As a 10 year old, I remember being transfixed by the drawing of Marvel Girl, and she certainly set off tingles in my heart and, to be honest, nether regions.  In fact, I couldn't state with perfect truthfulness that she still doesn't.  I'd say that Steranko's figure work on The Beast is seriously dodgy, and even Cyclops is far from perfect, but Marvel Girl is the star of that cover anyway, so what does it matter about the others?

Apparently this issue is a big collectors' item these days, due mainly to the cover as the contents are nothing more than standard fare.  I paid a little more than I'd have liked to, though less than many copies (in less than perfect condition too) of this ish appear to command.  There were a few minor creases and colour scuffs - nothing major - so, regardless whether it affects value or not, I applied some minor colour retouches just to improve its at-a-glance visual appeal.  Anyway, while you wish you also had this issue in your collection (if you haven't already, obviously), I'm off to re-read it.

Ah, just one look and I can smell the sand and hear the gentle lap of the waves, as well as the seagulls overhead.  Did any of you Crivs have this ish, and what are your memories of and associations with it, if any?  Tell all, or I'll send a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses round to chap your door, and I'll tell them not to leave 'til you buy a Watchtower.  That reminds me of the time that Bob Hope was asked whether he was a witness for Jehovah.  "Hell, I didn't even know there'd been an accident!" was his reply.  Oh, he was a card.

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