Friday, 12 March 2021


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If you're of a certain vintage you'll remember the Dalek Emperor from the TV Century 21 back page comic strip in the 1960s ('65-'67).  Actually, that wasn't his first appearance as he'd been introduced in the Dalek Book the previous year ('64), but TV 21 is probably where most readers remember him from.

Anyway, it looks like he's now been immortalised as a Dalek model, as you can see from the photo above.  (I've used the seller's pic 'cos I'm too lazy to take one of my own set which arrived today.)  True, he's the same height as a 'normal' Dalek due to his waist section being higher than it should, and his head isn't as large as the comic strip version, but at least they got the number of vertical half-spheres on his 'skirt' section correct.

But I'm being picky, because although this model gives a heavy nod in the direction of the TV21 Emperor, I don't think it's actually meant to be him.  There's a magazine that comes with the set of two Daleks, but I've only just skimmed through it and don't yet know the full facts.  However, seems he's meant to be the 'Restoration' Emperor, but whether he's based on one from a Doctor Who episode or the CGI Dalek series, I don't know.

His head, aside from the size, seems heavily influenced by one of artist Ron Turner's later designs in the '60s strip, but whatever the case, it's just great to see ol' Globe 'ed recognised for the iconic character that he is.  Long live the Emperor!

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