Thursday, 11 March 2021


As all loyal and adoring Crivvies know, I am the most modest and humble of men.  Not for yours-truly the brash, arrogant boasting and self-aggrandising pronouncements of a braggart, in conceited attempts to shout my talents from the rooftops.  Truly it can be said that humility is my middle name.  However, on this rare occasion, I feel it behooves me to shyly draw your attention to the above record which I received today, and softly point out, from the seller's photos, how it looked in his possession and its current state now that it belongs to me.

Oh, stuff all that!  Didn't I make a feckin' brilliant job of making it look quite a bit better than it was?!  You're darn tootin' I did.  Now tell me how amazing I am!  It won't hurt and you'll feel good about yourselves for being able to recognise a gifted individual when you see one (you know what I mean).  Line up for the comments section - the 'praise-fest' starts now.  (My photo of the front cover looks slightly darker than the seller's, but that's because I dulled the flash to reduce the glare after a few attempts at taking it.)

And yes, you've seen the cover before on this blog, but it was a replica I made from someone else's original around 25 or more years ago.  I obtained a coverless record a few months back and united the two items, but the record had quite a few snaps, crackles and pops.  However, just a few days ago, I saw an original cover with record on ebay for an unbelievably low price (I'm surprised it wasn't snapped up by someone else), and I'm happy to report that the record plays virtually perfectly - which, considering it's 58 years old, is remarkable. 

And so that you can compare the difference a little more easily, I've included split-screen side-by-side screen-shots of the front and back.  Click on images to enlarge so that you can examine them in more detail.

A discreet colour touch on the corners and open edge makes a great difference

The lamination on the cover flaps had shrunk, leaving a dirty 'tide mark' where
it had once been, but I managed to clean it up okay and improve its appearance

Sheesh!  Going by the lack of comments so far, I can only assume that my sense of humour is perhaps not quite so obvious as I perceive it to be.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


Colin Jones said...

I received my census form yesterday and where it asks about religion I shall say that I worship only the genius of Kid Robson.

Kid said...

It seems like such an eminently sensible thing to say, CJ, that I don't know why more people don't follow your exemplary example.

Kid said...

Hi, I'm your doppelganger from an alternate universe, and I have to say you've done an incredible job of tidying up that cover. I won't ask you how you did it, because you'd probably reply "Magnificently". (That's what I'd say.)

Kid said...

You can comment any time, Mr. Doppelganger. But what an incredible coincidence - we both use the exact same avatar.

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