Thursday, 7 November 2019


Currently at Glasgow's Riverside Museum is a replica of JAMES BOND's iconic ASTON MARTIN D.B.5 (D.B. stands for DAVID BROWN), which is indeed an awesome car to witness 'in the flesh'.  One of my pals ran us into see it (I do wish he'd get a car) and snap a few photos, so here they are.  The guy in the 2nd last pic would be a model 007 - bearing in mind that the definition of model is 'a small replica of the real thing'.  Of course, I'm merely being modest and self-deprecating - I'd actually make a great James Bond.  (I've got enough Plasticine.)

Incidentally, I notice that it has no wing mirrors.  (And I doubt it's got an ejector seat either.)  And note also that the exhaust pipe is on the opposite side (as it should be) to where CORGI TOYS placed it on their famous '60s diecast vehicle to operate the bulletproof shield.  The very last pic is a 'pullback' toy - with opening doors - that I bought in the museum's gift shop.  (A gift to myself, of course.)

Hell's bells - I look like a wax dummy that's part of the display

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