Thursday, 14 April 2016


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I picked up these three mags over a week ago, but only got
around to reading them a couple of days back.  Fans of NEAL
ADAMS will find them interesting, but I felt that the art looked
a bit rough in places, and the script was a little disjointed on oc-
casion.  The first issue's lettering had uneven balloon shapes,
but each ish has a different letterer, so #s 2 & 3 were fine.

In #1, LOIS LANE's expression is too 'smiley' for the news
she's delivering, which seems a bit strange, and SUPERMAN's
face seems too 'brutish' in some panels for my tastes.  However,
it's an intriguing plot and I'll probably read the next three issues
to find out how it all wraps up.  Entertaining enough to warrant
you spending your dosh on them, but perhaps not as dynamic
as you'd expect from one of the comicbook greats.

Available now at your local comicbook store.


paul Mcscotty said...

I was a massive Neal Adams fan(he was up there with Bowie and Kenny Dalgleish for me) but I have to admit his art is a bit patchy now but it still shows signs of pure comic book genius - his writing however, oh dear ! Some freat illos and covers there but a few Adams standards as well. Saying that I will buy the series.

Kid said...

There are worse comics around to spend your dosh on, McS. The mag (Supermen) is okay - just not astounding.

Dougie said...

I've read the first three issues and in terms of writing, it's a bit more coherent than Batman Odyssey, which was just bananas. While the running "joke" of characters exclaiming "wugh!" is irritating, it's still a pretty impressive product from someone who's 74.

Kid said...

It's recognizably an Adams comic, Dougie, but it's not quite as impressive as previous Adams comics have been.

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