Saturday, 9 April 2016


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Sometime back in 1977, I wrote a letter to LEO BAXENDALE,
care of GERALD DUCKWORTH, to let him know how much I'd
enjoyed his first WILLY The KID book.  It's likely that I already
had the second book when I received an unexpected reply (above) to
my letter from the great man himself.  I was slightly astonished  that
he'd taken the time and trouble to respond to one lone Scottish fan,
but appreciated the fact that he had.  Not that I think I was singled
out for special attention - no doubt it was his custom to reply to
fan mail as I think reader feedback was important to him.

I've had a few letters from Bax over the years, which I've still
got.  Not that we were pen pals or anything, or that he considered
me anything other than a fan and customer of several of his books,
but back when I was depute editor of The ILLUSTRATED COMIC
JOURNAL, I had occasion to contact him a few times and he always
took the time to courteously respond.  There's nothing 'confidential'
about them, so I may post more of them in the future as no doubt
they're bound to be of interest to other Leo Baxendale fans.

So keep your peepers peeled for pending posts of pertinent
epistles.  And if you've ever received a letter from the legendary
Leo (or met him, even), tell your fellow Criv-ites all about it in
the captivating comments section.  Go on, get typing.


moonmando said...

There is a man that likes to mention his Willy,quite a lot. Hmm...

Kid said...

If your willy looked like a turnip, so would you, Moony!

Colin Jones said...

Best ever quote from Margaret Thatcher: she was praising her deputy PM, William Whitelaw, and came out with the line "Every Prime-Minister needs a Willie". By the way, Kid, are you following all the Panama Papers controversy - it looks like cabinet ministers and MPs may be forced to reveal all their financial affairs... about time, eh ?

Kid said...

Not really following it, CJ ('though I'm aware of it), as it comes as no surprise to me. As for MPs declaring their financial affairs - well past time, I'd have said.

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