Monday, 11 April 2016


Images copyright DC COMICS

In 2018, it'll be 80 years since SUPERMAN first appeared
in ACTION COMICS #1.  I wonder what price comicbooks will
be then, eh?  Back when Supes was celebrating a mere 50 years
of continuous publishing, U.S. mags cost only 50 pence in the
U.K. - wow!  Were they ever really so inexpensive?  Yup!

Anyway, here's another half-dozen covers from DC COMICS'
The ADVENTURES Of SUPERMAN from nearly 30 years ago.
They're all excellent, but I particularly like the last two, which are
extremely well-executed.  Got a favourite?  Then feel free to tell
us which ones and why, MAN Of TOMORROW fans!  


paul Mcscotty said...

I can’t believe these books were 30 years ago - I find that stranger than it being over 40 years since MWOM first appeared. Jerry Ordway and John Byrnes runs on Superman were excellent Ordway’s art (in particular) was top drawer as are these covers with his square jawed Superman

Kid said...

Almost 30 years ago, McS, but you're right - it's hard to believe they're as old as they are. And in Sept/Oct this year, it'll be 44 years since MWOM first appeared. Feeling old yet? Jerry Ordway is an excellent artist - he should be inundated with offers of work, but I don't think that's currently the case, alas.

Phil said...

That long ago! Ordway wrote a blog post about ageism in comics.
One thing I have noticed is modern comics have a look. You can't tell who the artist is any more. I think they do that on purpose. Rare exceptions are Mike Allred and Erica Henderson among others. On the other hand. I have no idea who draws the big titles any more and I don't care.

Kid said...

I think that some current creators are trying to make their mags look like storyboards for movies rather than comics, Phil. I miss the old way of doing them. Oh well, there are always back issues and reprints to buy, I suppose.

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