Thursday, 4 March 2021


Okay, peeps, here's your opporchancity to help me out.  As related in an earlier post, the jacket on my recently acquired Bob Hope action figure started falling to bits once I opened the sealed box.  I ordered a jacket from China, even though it was different from the original, and also contacted Hasbro, who were useless.  I then decided to use another jacket which I already had (which I did), but then the jacket I bought arrived.  The cuffs were really too narrow to allow the hands through without risking damage to the flimsy material, so at first I decided against using it.  Then I changed my mind (please, no jokes) and gave it a go, and managed to get it on the figure without ripping the sleeves, though I suspect I wouldn't be able to remove it without inflicting damage.

So here's where you come in.  Compare the photos and tell me which jacket you think looks best on Bob, as I'd welcome your opinions and may decide to go with whichever one you Crivvies think is the better of the two.  Vote now.

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