Friday, 24 March 2017


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Well, I said I would and now I have.  At least in part, in that
here's the first issue of DC's The MASTERWORKS SERIES
Of GREAT COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, featuring the artwork of
FRANK FRAZETTA.  The second issue likewise showcases FF's
work, and it'll be appearing here fairly soon - on CRIVENS!, ab-
solutely the best blog you've ever seen in the last 30 seconds!


TC said...

I've seen a lot of paperback book covers with Frazetta art, but very little of his comics work. I believe he also did covers for Warren's B&W horror comic magazines, Eerie and Creepy.

I was watching a YouTube tribute to Frazetta by Comic Book Girl 19 a couple of weeks ago, and learned a few things I hadn't known before. He was a body builder, and used himself as a model for Tarzan, Conan, and those other heroes. Also, in later years, he suffered a stroke, and lost the use of his right arm, so he learned to draw left-handed.

Phil S said...

I want to get reprints of those Famous Funnies just to see what was in those stories. But I don't know if he even did the stories. I just know the covers are so iconic I would frame them.

Kid said...

That's quite an achievement, TC, because unless one is ambidextrous, it's often difficult to coordinate that 'other' arm properly. I'll maybe look for that tribute on YouTube later.


Read the comics, PS (if you ever get 'em), then scan the covers and frame the scans - sorted!

baab said...

I have not seen the you tube tribute,unless its the film/documentary of his life?
(The title escapes me)
Its probably called 'Frazetta,painting with fire.'
A truly talented and focussed man.
Well worth the watch.

Frazetta,painting with fire.

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Baab. I'll check it out first chance I get.

Dunsade Dave said...

Frazetta also drew the covers for Ballantine Books's paperback collections of EC comics. The cover for the Tales of the Crypt book was, to my 10 year old eyes when I first saw it, so creepy and atmospheric as to make my bowels quiver in unease.

Kid said...

I really should have more Frazetta work than I do. I'll rectify that one day, DD.

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