Monday, 6 March 2017


Actress JOLENE BLALOCH has the best-
looking lips for sucking porridge through a straw
I've ever seen.  Surely there's a way to put such a
unique talent to use?  Let me think about it for a
sec, I'm sure to come up with something.

Nah, I was wrong - can't think of a thing.


Anonymous said...

She played the Vulcan crew member in "Star Trek: Enterprise" which ran from 2001-2005. It's the Trek series I know least about as I only ever saw two episodes but it was a "prequel" series set before the events of the original '60s serial. Enterprise was cancelled at the end of season 4 and there hasn't been a Trek series since - but a new series is being filmed as we speak (type ?)....yet again it will be a prequel. Where has all the originality in Star trek gone ? Nowadays it's just prequels and movie remakes. Star Trek should boldly go forward not backward !

Kid said...

Well, looking at Jolene, she's clearly going forward, so that's something I suppose. Can't remember if I ever saw Enterprise or not. Probably caught glimpses of it while channel-hopping.

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