Saturday, 4 March 2017


Image copyright REBELLION

Some time back, I showed you the very first FACE-ACHE
strip by KEN REID (from JET #1, cover-dated May 1st 1971),
so I thought it would be nice to show his very last strip that was
published, in BUSTER, cover-dated March 14th 1987, just over
a month after he died (February 2nd).  Ken had started work on
another page but never completed it, and I have a copy of that
unfinished strip.  However, I'm not at liberty to reveal it at the
moment, but that time will eventually come.  (Incidentally,
you can refresh your memory of the first strip here.)


Phil S said...

Face Ache! Brings back memories. Did you meet Ken Reid?

Kid said...

Never did, unfortunately, PS. He worked from home and posted his work in.

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