Saturday, 11 March 2017


Images copyright DC COMICS

Picked up this great book a few days ago - SIMON & KIRBY's
The BOY COMMANDOS Volume One.  It's an entertaining read,
although I'm not sure why DC decided to use cleaned up scans from
actual '40s issues rather than new proofs coloured after the originals.
Although the scans look okay for the most part, some colours are so
dark that they obscure the linework, and some pages look like
they're under a tanned sheet of acetate film.

It didn't have to be this way, as, with a little tweaking, the pages
could have been reproduced a little brighter, making them look not
quite so 'faded'.  The page above is how it appeared in the book, the
one below is the same page after I've done a bit of work on it.  I
think it looks a lot better, but I'm perhaps a little biased.

And below, is the page (recoloured) from MISTER MIRACLE
#6, from 1971/'72.  Which one do you think looks better, Criv-ites?
Anyway, you can doubtless buy this valiant volume at your all
good comicbook shops.

And here's the back cover to give you the official spiel.


moonmando said...

Your touched up page looks amazing compared to the original. Full of punch and dynamic. I'd bet you'd be turning out some pretty spectacular stuff Kid,if you were to really employ your imagination in the world of digital manipulation,such as Adobe Photoshop,or other such software.

Kid said...

I'll concede that it certainly looks a lot more vibrant, Moony, but perhaps DC preferred the 'old' look they went with. As for Adobe Photoshop, it'd probably take me years to master it, given my poor short-term memory these days. However, thanks for the compliment - that must be a Tower meal I owe you.

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