Thursday, 9 March 2017


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

It was the first time The THING and THE HULK clashed,
but it wouldn't be the last.  JACK KIRBY still hadn't made up
his mind as to just how many fingers and toes ol' Hulkie had, but
we forgave him because he was Jack Kirby.  As far as I remember,
there was never any confusion as to how many digits Thingie had,
but he had other problems.  Namely, his fingers were bigger than
his nose, so he couldn't pick it.  (Nor could Greenskin come to
that.)  No flicking snots at the wall.  Ain't life a b*tch?


John Pitt said...

And I really need to revisit this story again! Their second clash in issues #25 & #26 are indelibly etched into my psyche, but this initial meeting, not so much so!

Kid said...

It sure was a belter, JP. I think I first read it in MWOM back in the early '70s. The 2nd meeting - FF #s 25 & 26 - I first read in Smash! back in 1966 or '67.

John Pitt said...

On with it now, - it's all coming back to me, as soon as I saw the splash page!

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