Sunday, 5 March 2017


Hell's Bells, what's the world coming to?
Saw a link in my visitor stats to what looked
like a comics site about the DC Universe and
clicked on it to see what it was all about.  I'd have
saved myself a wasted journey (and a shock) had
I only known what 'slash' fiction meant.  I made a
hasty retreat, and here's JOLENE BLALOCH
to show them what they're missing should they
ever decide to drop in on my blog again.
(I won't be visiting theirs!  Strewth!)

Careful about what links you click on!


Phil S said...

She has strangely not appeared in a lot since Enterprise got cancelled. Many of these genre actresses appear in related sci- fi and fantasy tv shows and movies as they have a built in fan base. Too bad Enterprise wasn't very good.

Kid said...

If it ever gets repeated in Britain, I may give it a watch just to see what it was like, 'though I prefer the original '60s episodes of Star Trek to any later ones I've seen.

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