Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Images copyright DC COMICS

weekly anthology broadsheet periodical, containing several single-
page strips.  Amongst them was KAMANDI by DAVE GIBBONS
RYAN SOOK, and the art was spectacular.  So for all Kamandi
fans, here are all 12 episodes to thrill and astound you!

(And don't forget to pick up the latest issue of KAMANDI
CHALLENGE, available from your nearest FORBIDDEN
PLANET and all good comicbook shops.)


John Pitt said...

Oh wowsers! Great art, lovely job! Thanks for sharing these with us, Kid, I knew nowt about them!

Kid said...

Lovely art and colouring job to be sure. I assume the story's good as well, but I haven't read them yet - will do one day.

pete doree said...

It was magnificent - not so keen on Kamandi Challenge, tho, to be honest. Tried the first issue and it didn't make me want to carry on particularly.

Kid said...

I've not been overwhelmed by Kamandi Challenge myself, PD, but I recommended it because it'll be of interest to rabid Kamandi fans, and because it's nice to see Kirby being celebrated in what would've been his 100th year.

paul Mcscotty said...

I initially bought the Wednesday Comics back in 2009 for the Metal Men strip (excellent as well) with art by José Luis García-López but the Kamandi strip stole the show it was (as you can see) stunning art (and a nice wee story). Loved this series the art in every strip was amazing although Wonder Woman had to much going on in it. I managed to get the last 5 issues of the series for 50p each in bargain bins. The Wednesday comics collected edition book is an amazing (and very large) tome but costly.

I’ve dropped the "Kamandi Challenge" already as the Adams issue wasn’t as great as I thought it would be

Phil S said...

I picked this up at half price at a local comic store. The art is spectacular. The Metamorpho story by Mike Allred is good too.

Kid said...

I'll probably stick it out with Kamandi Challenge, PM, just to have the full set. Hopefully, it can make a 'comeback' in grabbing my interest before the series ends.


I'll keep an eye out for that book, PS (and PM), because it sounds very nice indeed. I've now read the Kamandi strip, and I was surprised that it held my interest even without a speech balloon in sight.

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