Friday, 6 December 2013


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We were on holiday in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, in 1970.  I still recall
the comics I bought that year (which you can read about here and here)
in the little seaside town, and also a comic purchased by my brother - THE
FLASH #190.  I remember him enthusing over the story:  Flash is injured
and confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk or run.  So he constructs some
miniature transistor circuits and affixes them to the inside of his inflatable
Flash uniform which he operates by remote control from the comfort of
his wheelchair - whilst, invisible to the naked eye, he propels it around
at super-speed.  Unlikely, but entertaining nonetheless.

I recall that holiday for another reason also.  THE CHAMPIONS
cards, issued as collectables related to the ITC TV series from a year
or so before, were no longer available in my own neck of the woods, but
were still on sale in one little newsagent's near Rothesay.  I bought myself
another set of them (disposing of the disgusting confectionary that accom-
panied them) and, once back home, I perversely cut off the white margins
on the cards, which lay strewn about the insulation in my loft for a couple
of years.  When we moved house in 1972, on a last minute whim, I collec-
ted all those that I could see and deposited them in the loft of our new
home, where they likewise lay around for many a year.

I should explain that when I say Rothesay, I use the name inclusively
for Port Bannatyne also, as back then, I was unaware of the distinction.
To me (accustomed to the longer walking-distances of a new town), they
were only a short stroll apart and I, in my ignorance, would have regarded
them both as the same place.  Our holiday home that year seemed to lie
somewhere between the two.  (For the statisticians amongst you though,
Port Bannatyne lies two miles north of Rothesay on the same Isle.)

Anyway, as with most of the comicbooks I have, I've now had the
replacement for this issue far longer than either myself or my brother
ever owned the original.  One glance is all it takes me to return me to an
enchanted fortnight on a beautiful Scottish Isle over 43 years ago.  If
you have any memories asscociated with this particular comic, feel
free to share them in the comments section.


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