Wednesday, 25 December 2013


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Funny how things never really change, eh?  (Having said that,
I reserve the right to completely contradict myself in a future post.)
In the 1960s, I was reading The FANTASTIC FOUR in WHAM! and
BATMAN in SMASH! (and watching his show on TV), as well as playing
the Caped Crusader in my homemade Batman suit while running around
the neighbourhood with my pal JOHN FIDLER as ROBIN, The BOY
WONDER.  (No need to wonder - he was a real boy!  And you
can read about those childhood escapades here.)

So what did I treat myself to for Christmas this year?  The JOHN
BYRNE FF OMNIBUS Volume 2 and an ADAM WEST poseable
Batman figure.  Funny how my interests are exactly the same now as they
were when I was a child - or is it?  Adults I know who still drink furtively in
underpasses did the same thing as teenagers (or younger).  A large number
of people tend to perpetuate the pursuits of their youth, so, if you've got
kids, perhaps the best gift you can bestow upon them is to help them
cultivate an interest in worthwhile pastimes for the future.

You know it makes sense.  Sermon over - Merry Christmas.

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joe ackerman said...

seriously, John Byrne's FF is GREAT, and there's always room in my life for some Adam West Batman. sound perfect to me. you have a terrific Christmas, Kid.

Kid said...

Will do, Joe - and you as well. I've already got all the JB FFs in individual issues - and now I've added Vol 2 of the Omnibus to Vol 1. I'm well-chuffed. Merry Christmas.

Comicsfan said...

The likeness of that AW figure is amazing. They did a nice job on it. (And I love the base. :) )

cerebus660 said...

I still love John Byrne's take on the FF, especially the first year or so. He just got the characters right and he was probably at his peak as an artist back then.
Have a great Christmas, Kid!

Kid said...

CF, I can't wait to get the Batmobile that the figure sits in - and a Robin figure. There's also larger figures that look like Adam and Burt in the flesh - they're uncannily lifelike. (Take a look through the Bat-Blog in my blog list.) Oh, it's great to be a lad again. (Again? I never grew up to begin with.)


Cerebus, I agree. I loved it when he reverted the Thing to his dinosaur-hide version and restored the FF's wide collars. As I said above somewhere, I've now got both volumes as well as the original issues, and the FF were never better since Stan and Jack. (Wasn't so keen on the Alicia and Johnny turn 'though.)

Steve W. said...

Merry Christmas, Kid.

Kid said...

And to you, Stevie-boy.

Doug said...

Merry Christmas, Kid!


Kid said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you, too, Doug - and Karen.

Unknown said...

I forgot how good this comic was under Byrne - FF like a lot of Marvel comics at the time, was in a major rut and Byrne's take was so fresh I even liked it when the Thing was replaced by She Hulk for a while - The 80s were a time (imho) that mainstream (Marvel, DC) comics started to lose their way yet in amongst it all Simonson's Thor (and his run on FF after Byrne left) , Millers Daredevil and of course Byrnes Xmen and FF were pretty impressive - I might look this volume out later - Have you read "Batman 66" yet , think its based on the Adam West version? McScotty

Kid said...

McScotty, I bought the first three issues of Batman '66, but haven't read them yet. I'd imagine they're much like the TV show, but I don't plan on buying any more as I prefer Batman as the Dark Knight Detective - emphasis on detective.

The two Byrne volumes are well-worth having. Forbidden Planet have the 2nd book at a discount price at the moment. Might even have Volume 1 if you're lucky.

Unknown said...

Good to know thanks fo rthat bit of info - now am I that stereotypically Scottish that I will risk live and limb in this weather to go out a get the discounted version.... mmmm you know I'm seriously thinking about it :) McS

Kid said...

Better make up your mind quick, McScotty - they only had two left when I was in on Monday. I read all nine parts of The Last Galactus Story last night, which is/are also included in the book.

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