Monday, 23 December 2013


Since doing my previous two posts on the BLUE PETER BOOKS,
I've acquired a few more to round off my collection so thought I'd share
them with you here.  I was never what you would call a regular viewer of
the programme even if I saw enough of them for it to seem so in memory,
but I have a fond affection for the show as it represents part of my
childhood and teenage years.

I only caught the occasional episode after LESLEY JUDD departed
in 1979, but again, it seems in retrospect that I saw more of them than I
actually did, and I must confess to fancying JANET ELLIS (didn't every-
one?) when she joined in 1983.  The Twentieth Book was published in the
25th Anniversary of the show, and I've had a softcover copy of the book for
quite a few years now, which seemed a bit of an anomaly as the others were
in hardback.  I've since discovered that it was a second edition printed by
Scholastic Publications, so I assume it was printed for schools.  (I've
recently obtained a first-print hardback edition as well.)

I now have Books one to twenty, which represents the first twenty-five
years of the programme, and I'll soon have Book forty, which was the last
one ever published in 2011.  The only other one I have is Book twenty-eight,
published in 1998 to celebrate forty years of Blue Peter.  (Oh, and I've got
a Blue Peter stamp album as well.)

"Why not collect them all?" you may be wondering.  Simply because
they mean nothing to me.  The only Blue Peter programmes I've watched
in many a year are the Anniversary shows - and that was only to catch a
glimpse of the presenters from the past who I grew up watching.  Maybe
one day I'll add the few remaining ones published in Anniversary years,
but it's not at the top of my 'things to do' list.  Time will tell, I guess.



DeadSpiderEye said...

Saw quite a bit of it round this period, had a lot of weekday afternoons to kick around in the early 80's. I can tell you Sarah Green had own manicurist because they were always immaculate in the, build a telescope with some bog rolls, item. Saw a bit of the saucy Ellis and hers were done by the useless BBC staffers, if at all. She was also pretty clueless herself, and would get lost half way through the build, she did have other attributes in her favour though.

Kid said...

Indeed, DSE, and it was doubtless those 'other attributes' which caught my attention. Merry Christmas to you, sir.

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