Monday, 30 December 2013


I remember it well.  The TV CENTURY 21 ANNUAL for
1966 - loads of them, filling a square, metal wire stand on the ground
floor of KRAZY KUTS in my home town, in August or September of
1965.  I was living in one house when I first saw the annual, and another
by the time I got it for Christmas that year.  I therefore associate it with
both houses, but mainly (perhaps) with the second one, as that was the
one I was living in when I actually got my grubby hands on the book.
I also remember wishing my life away for it with the careless
indifference that only a child can afford.

It all seems rather tame stuff in comparison with today's comics
and annuals, but, at the time, it was the annual to have in 1965, as it
represented the top-selling weekly comic of the day (which sounds like a
contradiction-in-terms, but you know what I mean).  THUNDERBIRDS
was on TV by the time I obtained the annual, but it had been prepared for
publication before the latest GERRY ANDERSON sensation had made
its debut, so STINGRAY was the book's main feature, appearing
in two strips and featuring prominently on the cover.

Here, then, is the first of them - if you want to see more, be
sure to let me know in the comments section.  Same goes if you'd
like to share with the rest of us your own personal reminiscences
associated with this classic annual from yesteryear.


SCOOP said...

You're right, things have moved on since then, but that was a great annual all the same.

Kid said...

Indeed, Scoop - and what a great cover by Ron Embleton.

Ken Garrett said...

Kid, My Favourite Martian as seen on the front of the annual, was it ever on UK TV in the 60s? I have no recollection of seeing it. Have since caught up with it on Youtube. I would expect it would have to have been on TV here or it would probably never had made it into TV21.Bill Bixby aka the calm and reasonable Hulk, who starred in MFM was an interesting character and is worth having a quick Wiki look at.

Happy New Year

Kid said...

I don't think it was ever shown in Scotland, Ken, 'cos I never saw it, nor did anyone I know. I suspect it must have been shown in certain regions in England 'though, because, as you say, it would never have appeared in TV21 otherwise. I believe the show was inspired by Jerry Lewis's movie, Visit To A Small Planet.

And a Happy New Year to you, too, Ken.

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