Monday, 30 December 2013


I was out in the back garden the other afternoon when I heard a
rustling in the undergrowth at the side of the house.  Thinking it was a
fox, I froze, hoping to see Reynard in all his furry glory - but surprise,
surprise, 'twas no fox but rather a DALEK peeping cautiously from the
foliage.  My mistake for tossing some old iron nails into the bushes when
I replaced them in the back gate last week, but I hardly expected a Dalek
to be foraging for metal scraps in my back garden.  No doubt his spaceship
was concealed nearby (it's a big garden) and he was looking for parts with
which to effect a minor repair, so I just let him get on with it .  Luckily I
was able to surreptitiously snap a few photos with my concealed lapel
camera before going back inside, 'cos I know what a disbelieving lot
some of you can be.  He might still be out there for all I know.

What's that, nurse?  Time for my medicine?  Who are you calling
a little pr*ck?  Oh, you mean the injection?  Okay, fire away.

See you all again when I wake up and they take off these
long-sleeved pyjamas they're fitting me with.  Flubble!

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