Sunday, 29 December 2013


As CAPTAIN SCARLET stares off into the distance in the best
LITTLEWOODS catalogue tradition (at least he's not in his underpants),
my mind turns back to the late 1960s when the above EP was part of my
family's pooled (and eclectic) record collection.  Whenever I listen to a CD
I now own of this particular mini-album, I'm once again lying on the floor
in front of our ancient cabinet unit containing a record player, with an
assortment of 45 rpm singles scattered all over the carpet.

Funny how certain sights, sounds and smells can transport one back
to a different era, allowing one to relive earlier, long-gone moments from
the past as if they were only yesterday.  Funny but warmly reassuring, and
I wouldn't have it any other way.  What memories spring to the minds of
the rest of you upon sight of this collectable from yesterday?  Feel free
to share your recollections in our scintillating comments section.

Incidentally, this mini-album (and others) are included as
extras in the Complete Captain Scarlet DVD collection.


Below, especially for McSCOTTY, is a picture of the PEDIGREE
bendy Captain Scarlet figure mentioned in the comments section.
One sold on eBay in October of 2012 for £285.


Rip Jagger said...

I just shared my own Captain Scarlet experience from this past week. I watched the series through and loved it again. Great stuff.

Rip Off

Kid said...

I'm lucky enough to have quite a few bits of CS merchandise from the '60s, Rip. Shame it didn't quite succeed when it was revived a few years back. Have you seen the 'new' series?

Gey Blabby said...

I must admit it was my favourite of all those shows. Good theme song, too. We used to get funny looks in the street when we'd walk about announcing to all and sundry "This is the voice of The Mysterons." I seem to remember STV showing this about 6.30 on a Monday night, although I could be wrong; you'll probably remember better than me.

Your 'ancient cabinet unit' sounds suspiciously like the radiogram we had in our living room, with the record player and speakers built into a single piece of furniture. We thought we were at the cutting edge when we got it.

Kid said...

I seem to recall it being shown on a Sunday when I was at my Gran and Grandpa's, GB, but I also remember seeing it after school, so it must've been repeated at some point not too long after its initial run. Whether it was the weekend showings which were the repeats or the weekday ones, 'though, I don't know.

The cabinet was a big beast, with 'cupboards' on either side for storing LPs. A long wooden lid lifted on top for access to the record deck. We had it right into the early '70s at least, perhaps even longer.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Captain Scarlet was my favourite TV show by a mile as a kid and was one of only a handful of toys I got (wanted) based on a tv show. I vividly remember having a very nice bendable plastic model of him that I recall even as a 7 year old thinking was well made would love to track that down again. I recall the show being shown on Sunday after church and just before heading to see my Gran as well - brilliant theme song and when you think about it a pretty complex storyline for kids to understand, and Im not sure if I understood the story at the time ( Capt Scarlet being a clone the original being killed in a car crash etc) but at the very least I must have accepted it - Was it Ron Embleton that painted the scenes at the end credits???) Nice article again - McScotty

Kid said...

McScotty, Pedigree Toys utilised their Tommy Gunn soldier (a rival to Palitoy's Action Man) to produce a 12 inch articulated figure of Captain Scarlet. The head seemed to be modelled after the end credit illustrations (which were indeed by Ron Embleton) more than the TV puppet 'though, but it was indeed an excellent toy. (I now have two of them.)

There was also a little bendy rubber figure about 5 or 6 inches high which I got in Largs or Millport in 1968. I'd like to own that again, but good condition ones are terribly expensive. (There was also an Angels figure.)

Regarding those end credits, there was a calendar a few years ago that featured all the illos, taken from the original art, which is well worth tracking down. I bought two at the time - one of which is in pristine condition, the other which was used to make framed prints which adorn my hallway.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Thanks for the info very interesting - It was indeed the little rubber bendy figure about 6 inches tall I had, it was a really well made toy with some great detail to it as I recall with the flip down intercom thingy (stop me if I'm being too technical for you :) ) I would love to track one down again I played with that for years - great stuff - McScotty

Kid said...

There's actually a couple of photos on the blog somewhere of me as a 9 year old, holding that bendy Captain Scarlet figure, McScotty. I'll add the name of the post when I find it.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Thanks for that Kid that was kind of you looking out the picture of the Pedigree figure - that was the very one and it looks as good as I recall but at £285 (wow!) it will sadly need to remain a memory for me - McS

Kid said...

I had forgotten that Pedigree produced both figures (the 12 inch and the 5 inch) 'til I looked it up, but don't despair, McScotty - one may pop up at a much lower price. I still can't remember which post has the photo of me with the figure - when I do, I'll mention it here.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Had a quick look and that picture (black and white) appears under the heading " Jerry Anderson merchandise from the 60s" dated 28 December 2012 if that's any help -McS

Kid said...

That was the second time I used it, but there was an earlier occasion that also had another photo. Not that it's important really - at least you saw one of them, blurred as it is.

Ken Garrett said...

Unlike the man himself, my friend next door found his Capt Scarlet larger sized doll was completely destructible. I remember watching the great mans demise in the summer of 71 when he was set alight in a little pyro show when my friend decided that dolls were not for playing with in your teens. Luckily his Action Man escaped his funeral pyre when he could not be found in his attic retreat. Missing posted AWOL! The happy days when kids could happily play with matches! There again maybe not the wisest choice of play thing. As for fireworks especially penny they were fun for us 1960s kids.

Ken, your self appointed Health&Safety guru.

Kid said...

There's a few Captain Scarlet figures on eBay at the moment going for several hundred quid, Ken (from around £500 to £650). Better not tell your pal - he'd be kicking himself.

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