Friday, 6 December 2013


Not many comic readers apart from diehard fans will even have
known his name, but just about everyone will recognise the names of
the characters he worked on. KORKY THE CAT, SPLODGE, FOXY,
KAT & KANARY and DESPERATE DAN to name but a few. Also
adept at light adventure strips, he drew THE RED WRECKER and
THE UMBRELLA MEN for THE DANDY, and turned his hand to
saucy seaside postcards for the BAMFORTH postcard company
around the early '80s.
A giant in comics illustration has passed from
this earth, but his works will endure.
1916 - 2013



Ken Garrett said...

The 1967 Dandy annual is my favourite. Really funny Brassneck story which still makes me laugh. Happy days of childhood.

Happy Christmas Kid.


Kid said...

It's a belter, isn't it? Sorry you had so much difficulty leaving your comment, Ken - I use comment moderation, which means they don't see print 'til I approve them. Don't let it put you off.

And happy Christmas when it comes to you, too,

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Like Ken that 1967 Dandy annual and amazing cover is my favourite from that title almost perfect kids annual - Loved the wonderful Mr Griggs work on Splodge and Umbrella men - on of the best =McScotty

Kid said...

One of the very best, McScotty. And whatever high regard he's held in, it's not quite high enough in my estimation. Absolutely loved Splodge.

baab said...

I used to be quite taken by how well drawn those mice were .
And I had forgotten Splodge!

Kid said...

Poor little Spodge. Last of the Goblins (so no girlfriends for him then) and you go and forget him, Baab. He'll have had his feelings hurt.

Classics From The Comics reprinted some Splodge strips - unfortunately 'though, they were in black and white. Was still good to see 'em.

baab said...

I have also suggested that certain artists were an influence on Frank Quitely...I can see a little in the Desperate Dan above.

Kid said...

I (very) occasionally visit the Glasgow studio that Frank works in. Next time I happen to see him, I'll ask if Charles Grigg was an influence.

Mr Straightman said...

This is really sad news. Another part of childhood dies.

Kid said...

Not too many left now, sadly.

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